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Bringing skateboarding to disadvantaged young people.

Skate For Life empowers young people from lower income backgrounds through skateboarding. Promoting mental health, social inclusivity, positivity and creativity.


Skateboarding as a hobby has quite a high entry price point, with participants needing a high quality skateboard, helmet and protection to practice safely and efficiently. This excludes a large number of young people from being able to experience and gain the positive effects skateboarding can bring to their lives. It is our goal to eliminate these costs for them and provide young people from lower income backgrounds with the equipment and skills they need to begin their skateboarding journey.

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Skate for Life workshops are provided in lower income areas. Our aim is for skateboarding to bring positivity to their lives, create strong social groups, improve mental health and general wellbeing. On the day, we welcome a selected group of young people to participate. The workshops are split in to two parts. The first, building their own skateboard, before moving outside for some professional skateboard tuition for the second part.


Participants will work in teams and be shown how to work together to build and maintain a skateboard from scratch using all the individual parts. This part of the workshop introduces them to the anatomy of a skateboard whilst promoting team building and communication skills. Each participants will build their own complete skateboard to keep at the end of the day, alongside a helmet. 

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Two hours of professional skateboard tuition is given to ensure all the participants have a good basic knowledge of skateboarding to begin their skateboard journey. They will be taught the absolute basics of skateboarding which includes; basic balance exercises, how to push, turn and stop safely, ride down slopes and progress onto some more advanced tricks such as drop-ins.


For the Grand Finale we surprise everyone with the fact they get to keep the skateboards they have built on the day!

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If you would like to hire us to provide a workshop in your area please get in touch via e-mail at


You can also donate to our Gofundme page to help us provide a Skate For Life workshop. Each time we reach our goal, we will provide a workshop to 10 disadvantaged young people.

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